Outside The Boundry

Mark’s always been a top footy player ever since a young bloke, Mark was brought up on the tough streets of port Melbourne in the mid Seventie’s. His Father Ronni Clark a Hard man although Highly respected in the nieberhood was a member of the infamous painters and docker’s Union, and back in that time were a group of gentlemen with a high demand of respect. Ronni was also known for his talent as a great footballer growing up, but what he was really well known for, was his roll in the underworld as one of the toughest heavy’s out there caveing heads for coin.It was said if ronni was sent to pay you a visit, well you better be somewere on the other side of the planet,or have just what ever the **** it was he was chasing for.He really loved to blue, he got off on smashing teeth in he loved seeing fear in these gutless dog like men he would tell his mates he was just paying his dept to society by keeping all the mugs in line.Ronni was an ex golden glove champ/ bear knuckle champ/ and just a plain ******* nightmare to to have as an oponante, he was a very loyal man to his family and his crew but nothing ever come between him and his young bloke mark. who would like me to continue?
andrew64impala andrew64impala
31-35, M
Feb 12, 2012