I Well Remember It

I was 16 she was 18, we were at a party when her boyfriend got ready tae leave he called her tae gae, she asked him tae give her a minute she was talking to a girlfriend. Well he walked over and grabbed her by the hair and said, "Lets go *****!" I had seen her before but never spoke to her. Anyway I was on a couch nearby and the next thing I ken I was talking tae her, he was on the ground out like a light. They said tha I had knocked him out with one blow. Anyway the Lass then asked if I could give her a ride haim, I said AYE and the Lad I was riding with said tha was fine. When we got her haim she kissed me on the lips and immediately we started dating.

Raibeart Raibeart
51-55, M
Apr 28, 2008