Inexperience Caused Me to Resent Him

Boy i tell you, at first, what was my first real kiss seemed to be the most repulsive thing i've ever done, seriously.

But then after i've had other experiences, i realised that it was extremely sweet and immense.

It was my 12th grade year in high school, and i was perched beneath the steps with a guy who was one of my close guyfriends. We were under the steps lip-locked, surrounded by traffic 'ing student, extra-curricular participants---teachers and all.

He wanted me ever since the first day we met and sat beside each other in history class. I could tell because of that very subtle way he had of wanting me to 'read in between the lines.'

lol, yes, i felt something, a type of addictive desire to continue kissing him and entrapping myself in this guy's lair, which was carefully planned out and prepared 4 me.

I let him lead me, and didnt stop.

And when reflecting to that day,i wish i gave him a chance and had not allowed my juvenile sensibilities to reject him ever since that day.

Sad hugh?


But i still give thanks for all those experiences that will continue to make me who i am.

peppersweet03 peppersweet03
18-21, F
Mar 11, 2007