I Do =d

i remember my first kiss. i was in 7th grade. i liked the guy i was dating a lot but i was too shy to do anything like kiss him. we had just got back from a party and he thought i was too shy to ever kiss him. so i gathered up my courage and i said i would do it. so him, 5 of my friends and i went to his house and when i was about to leave we started walking up the street and stopped suddenly and i was so scared. i was like i can't do this and stuff like that and then he looked at me in the eyes and was like please do it because i love you a lot and i don't want to lose you because you don't even act like you like me at all. so i got really upset and i told myself i had to do it. so i held him and just closed my eyes and i kissed him. and it was kinda off since we both had no clue what we were doing, but that was okay. after that, he seemed to realize how i really felt about him and we stayed together for a while after that. i think i loved him more than anyone else i've ever loved. so i think that kiss made us stay together that day. but when we finally broke up, that's one thing that stayed in my mind always.
debbiianii debbiianii
18-21, F
Mar 12, 2007