Wordless Memory

My first kiss was a wonderful moment i had gone out with my crush he had invited me to the park,as a date. We walked around the park for the longest time going around and around the park track not caring about the time. We had gotten tierd and we decided to sit down by a nearby table and as we sat side by side i was talking to him and he just came to me by surprise and kissed me with this, oh so passionate kiss. it felt like nothing ever before. As he parted from me i stood there in shock on the wonderful kiss i had just received. "Our first kiss was at 7:57 p.m." he had said to me while looking down onto his phone. It was the best i felt great like someone new. after that we smiled and laughed all night and now i will never forget that day and my first kiss at 7:57 p.m.:)
sdiazbunny sdiazbunny
1 Response Feb 25, 2012