Some Old Rap Music Was Playing and I Was

wearing a long jean skirt with a frayed slit in the front, a camouflage tee, and a jean jacket. i was 12. it was my birthday.

i had a party, the first open party most of my fellow 6th grade friends had gone to, and my house was flowing with little pubescent kids everywhere.

there were kids playing video games in the living room, a scandalous couple making out in my closet, pizza, people all around my pool and my driveway and people dancing in the big open space of my living room and backyard. (oh yes, and i felt like a star or a really popular high schooler or both, in all honesty, even if adam told me he didnt like me anymore.)

everyone got around in a circle and we decided to play spin the bottle.
everyone was giving each other little pecks, but when it was my turn, everyone told me i had to FRENCH the guy i got, so i spun, and it went by relatively slowly.

it stopped on Collin.
i leaned to the side of the circle where he was, hesitated, looked at him, and closed my eyes... and THERE!
a horrid, slippery kiss.
my first real kiss.
gruneaugen gruneaugen
18-21, F
Mar 27, 2007