Kiss Me Good Bye

Yeah, i was REALLY young, not even in kindergarden. My mother used to run a daycare, and this one boy named norman came everyday. We were like best friends. Then one day, he told me his family was going on vacation, and he wouldn't see me for a whole week. To someone that young, that's a looong time. So as he was walking out the door with his dad, he suddenly turned around to face me and blurted "kiss me good bye." so i did. I leaned over and gave him a nice kiss on the cheek, it wasn't wet, or just a little peck, it was in between. He kissed me back on my cheek, then i rushed him out the door because mommy was on her way to get a I still see him sometimes, but we were so young he hardly rememebers me.
Pheonix Pheonix
18-21, F
Mar 28, 2007