I Did It! Well, You Did It

My boyfriend Ryan hadwalked me home every day for a week sinse westarted going out. On the way home every day i hoped it would happen but it never ad yet. We shared passionate hugs and i was sure i loved him and he loved me too. So convincedin fact that i told my parents about him (i had never done that with any boyfriend before). Just yesterday he was texting me about how he wasnt brave enough to kiss me. Today my school had gone out for a reward trip and he couldnt come but he came all the way back to school just to walk me home. About a minute away from my house a mate walked past on the way to see his girlfriend and i knew it had to be today if we were ever going to be like them. On my doorstep he gave me a hug and pulled away but not completely. I gazed at his bright blue eyes in the sunset andi leant forward and we kissed. After a couple of seconds he let go and we pulled away. "i did it!" he said, "well, you did it" in my mind i was thinking, no. We did it.
epicninja15 epicninja15
13-15, F
Apr 2, 2012