My First Kiss

Wow, it is amazing to me that I can remember every detail of my first kiss, almost more then  do then when I lost my virginity  hehe!! I was 16 years old and since I went to an all girls private school it was difficult to meet boys. Perhaps if I was gay, my first kiss would have been earlier!! I signed up to do a charity dance-a-thon with a boys private school and their he was, towering over me by 1foot 1inch, we looked ridiculous together. He was the first one I danced with and he turned out to be the only guy I danced with. Three straight hours of staring up so high that my neck actually hurt!! At the end of the dance and before we wereto get back on the bus to go back to our school, he asked me for my phone number. He said he would call me later that night to see if my parents would let me go out to a movie with him the following Saturday. I couldn't believe that a guy liked me!! I gave him my number and just before I got on the bus, he took me aside and kissed me! Wow my first kiss, obviously it seemed incredible as I had nothing to compare it too!! We continued to date for a year, so y first kiss turned out to be my first boyfriend too. What a remarkable afternoon that was.
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great memory, great story! thanks for sharing.