First Kiss

I was 13 and I had this huge crush on a guy named Larry.  We started going out in the middle of the school year. Finally I begged my dad if he could come over Friday night. Turns out he rode the bus home with me. We got at my house and  looked at my sisters profile and then ate little ceasars. After a couple of hours it got dark and we went back to my room,layed there and watched a movie(Get rich or die trying). At 8:22 my dad said we had to go take him home(darn it). Before my dad went to get me and Larry, Larry looked at me and  are faces got close and we kissed for like two seconds. It was perfect and I’m still with him till this day.
Taeterbug718 Taeterbug718
1 Response Apr 2, 2006

yes I think first kiss in our life cannot be forgotten, it is a feeling of excitement and love. i will also never ever forget that kiss which i had with my first boyfriend.