My Very First Real Kiss [with Tongue]

In today's society it is almost embarrassing to say I am 16 and I got my first kiss with tongue 2 or three weeks ago. I have always shied from too much action though I have had plenty boyfriends...  Did I mention it was in a 2 dollar movie theater.
Henna Henna
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I remember my first tongue kiss I was 12..:D..! Do you think that's too young..? :/

my first kiss was when i was 15...or 14....<br />
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no it was 15 lol so yeah its not bad its actually good that you waited :]

i was also 16. Its nothing to be ashamed of.<br />
Especially embarrassed. In this day and age children are having sex at 14 years of age which is outrageous.<br />
Kudos to you for sticking with when you were ready and not giving into any peer pressure.<br />
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elusive.desire<br />
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Age doesn't matter, and as Anomalouspoint mentioned, it depends more on who you are than the people you meet. I had my first real kiss just after my 16th birthday. I don't really feel ashamed of it. I had had opportunities before but I didn't take them. I wanted to kiss someone special, not just kiss some random girl. It is still the same today. I'm turning 20 in two weeks tomorrow, and I kiss far less women than a lot of my friends, I'm just not interested. Relationships mean much more too me than a quick kiss or romp. Same with sex, I had quite a few chances when I was 16, but I didn't take them at the time, because I wanted to do it with someone I really cared for the first time, feelings and connections mean much more than notches on a belt.<br />
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So, feel happy! It's no big deal, and usually the frequency of kisses speeds up considerably after the first time.

I'll be 19 in six months and mine just happened last week. It wasn't bad...he's just a little sloppy. Something we'll work on. LOL

i was almost 18.. summer after my graduation. so dont feel to bad ;) i def think i waited for the right person.. totally amazing XD

I got my first kiss when I was 17 :)

I didn't have my first kiss until I was 19. I didn't really like it either because it came as a total surpize and from a really close guy friend of mine. Now that I am older and with someone i really care about I can't get enough kissing him, it just feels so right.

I only just got my first kiss. It was so great but he doesn't like me. We were drunk but it left me wanting so much more. Makes me really wish I hadn't. <br />
"It's easier to surpress the first desire, than to fulfill the rest that follow"

I don't think you are weird for having your first kiss at 16...that is when my first kiss was, when I was 16, it wasn't the best but of course something to remember. I am 21 now and I think that was an ok age to have a first kiss, there is no rush, remember that!

i'm not embarrassed to admit that my first 'real kiss' was when i was a senior in high school. waiting until i found the perfect guy to share that moment with made holding out all the more worthwhile.

After 1 year relationship online finally i got to see him, which was so special as it feel like he is a totally different person than the one i talked to. we were at the back of starbucks when he first kissed me for the first time which i didnt want to kiss anymore coz it didnt feel the way i thought it would feel ..confusing with the emotion of tongue n knowing he was also confused as it was his first time kissin also ..

its cool, G. i got my first kiss at 18, mainly because im picky as hell. i dont really consider a "real" kiss one with tongue. i consider a real kiss one you get the most emotional rise from. my first kiss was when i was hanging out in my girls back yard which is like 80 acres of woods. we walked for a while and i found a really large stump where a really large tree had been cut down. it was summer, and we both sat down and it was really quiet for a while, we were just kicking the grass and holding hands, and after a while, i kind of pulled her closer to me and we had a few no-tongue kisses, stopped for a while, held eachother for a bit more and then started some tongue kisses. i personally got a bigger rise out of the no-tongue kisses, so that is what i consider my first "real" kiss.<br />
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nothin to be ashamed of at 16.

who cares! im 19 and looking back i would've much rather have kissed now then had a horrible 1st kiss like i did at 14... my friend is the same age as me and got kissed this year..

Kissing is alright but u know it is like everyone is saying, its only good if u and tha other person want it.. age has nothing to do w/ it.. Mine was when I was 13.. kinda young I think but It was bomb.

age has nothing to do with it my sister is 16 and has never been kissed. It no big deal. It means you have respect for yourself and wanted it to be special. no biggie. i wish i had waited for my first kiss reather than doing it on a dare. You will get your magical kiss one day. I'm 18 and i just got my first magical kiss.

Try to put it behind you and have a better experience with your next kisses. Holy crap just tell someone they suck at kissing and you will be suprised how much they can change for you.

I'm almost 17 and still haven't had a real kiss; it doesn't bother me though. I'll kiss when I meet my superman. :3

I have friends who are 18 or nearly that age and still haven't kissed. Most people at this point would assume because they aren't 'goodlooking' enough of whatever but no, most of them are decent looking and a few get even more attention than i do!<br />
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When you get your first kiss depends on the person YOU are, not the people around you.<br />
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Mine was when i was 14 and went on holiday to the carribbean. Kissed this local island boy and my first boyfriend in a broken down shack whilst a party was going on outside. <br />
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It was beautiful. =D

I was 17 and leaving high school when i got my first me its not even worth it unless u both want it....disregard how old u are or what everyone else says..if it makes u happy screw everyone else...just not literally lol

you shouldn't be embarrased at all! My first kiss was when I was 18 and I've always been a pretty girl so I was always confused by that. But luckily my first kiss was absolutely amazing.

I remember my first kiss too. So much I never want to kiss ever again.. I found it really disgusting, or maybe my ex did not know how as was supposedly more experienced than I was T_T

don't be embarrassed - do what you feel you are ready for when you feel you are ready. don't let anyone pressure you into something you are not ready for. If a guy tries to pressure you, he really does not respect you and therefore cannot possibly love you.

I was 18 at my grad. Didn't like it due to the fact I think she was trying to kill me with her tongue, lol.