7th Grade Dance

ok so im in 8th grade, but i did hav my first kiss. So i wuz at the dance hanging out with my friend, Carter, wen she saw the girl i hav been crushin on 4 the past 2 months. i movved in 3 months ago. anyways, she starts making fun of me now. so i go up 2 her 2 say hi and that wuz it. Then, i guess 1 of the 8th graders or Carter requested a slow song b/c Hope( thats her name) cam up 2 me and asked me 2 dance. after a bit of stuttering, i agreed. when the song ended, she said she liked me the day i got here(that wuz surprizin considering she wuz one of the most popular girls in school). i said"really?" and she wuz lik "yeah" and im lik "prove it" and she said "ok" so she brought me over 2 the area that wuz marked off 4 coats and we kissed.

She is my gf and has been since that day.......<3 4/20/11
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we broke up