My First Kiss. -_-

I was 14 then. Remembering this sometimes I feel ashamed because at a young age I already did my First Kiss?
Ohh. Whatever. It's done I can't turn back time. It was already dark when we finished school, I guess were doing some project.
My Boyfriend waited for me 'till I and my classmates finished it. On the way home..
We just commute. While inside this vehicle. I remembered He's asking for a Kiss. He said it's my monthsary gift for him.
He asked me that question on text. So while inside that vehicle we hold hands, then when he noticed that my house is near,
He said "How about my kiss?" I think about it. Then I noticed he's face started to sigh  when he saw that my house was a block away
and I felt sorry for him. So, I think about a second, touch his face, closed my eyes and suddenly felt my lips touched his lips and we started to twist 
a little. It was my very first time then same with him and I was amazed how slightly wet your lips can get. The kiss last for about 30 seconds and
I got a little bit far from my house so after that He said "Bye I Love You" I replied "Bye I Love You Too" and smiled and went off the vehicle and started
to walk. But how perfect relationship may seem, people changed and forget their promises of FOREVER. So now. I'm Happy single. :)
It's to early to take things in a rush we, teens, had a lot of time. ;)asdfgh
joyce21 joyce21
18-21, F
Apr 15, 2012