Oh yes. I still remember my first kiss, and the embarassment that comes with part of the story.

I was on holiday in tenerife aged 12.

I decided to hang out near the pool to try and make friends with the kids that were playing there.

I saw one girl and one boy playing in the pool and i just watched them until the boy caught my eye and I smiled at him.

We played, became friends, and i think the same day or the next we met inside the "resteraunt" part of the hotel. I still remember playing on the Michael Jackson arcade game and failing hard.

Well it turns out this boy was actually a girl. She had short hair and wasnt wearing a top when I first saw her so I just presumed, u know, she was a he.

Anyway, we were sat down at the table and she started looking at me intently and moving her foot up and down against mine.

In my clueless world, I didnt really know she was playing "footsie" with me, but I knew that something was up.

We decided to go for a walk, just us two and we walked for probably 10 minutes till we were away from the hotel.

She was taller than me so she stood on the road and I stood on the pavement and we kissed.

I just remember thinking "this tastes weird" lol.

We bought friendship bracelets for each other and after we parted I ran back to my apartment shouting "Mum! Mum! I just kissed a girl!"

She smiled and said "Well give me a kiss too!"

I replied "Ew, not with tongues!".

I will never forget that story as long as I live (touch wood).

I do remember that I actually wanted to shower and brush my teeth after that, not just because I was told to.
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Duh, couldn't you tell those weren't man-feet!

hello, SDuWarriorInf.<br />
<br />
how well i remember mine, also aged 12 yo<br />
<br />
didn stop at kissing tho<br />
<br />
oops... didn mean to type that out loud<br />
<br />
hahahahaha... been a long sexual journey since ;-))<br />
<br />
respect, from robbie

Haha nice one.

I remember my mate at school asking if id "felt her up" i was so embarrassed &gt;

oh yes, SDuWarriorInf .... and i never told...even 50 years later no one knows whom, when or where. i just remember the intensity of feelings and sensations.... and the wobbly legs i had afterwards hahahahaha.... ah well, onwards and upwards :-))


Great story, it made me laugh especially the tongues part lol. I remember my first kiss to and it was kind of awkward I was 13. To b honest i didnt really like the guy I just wanted to get my first kiss done and over with lol

Ahh. Yeah I always wondered about things like that.

Some people lose their virginity to people they don't really like either.

I don't even know why I said that to my mum lol. I guess the kiss was still fresh in my mind.