My First Kiss :)

Well, my first kiss was very special because it was with a guy i loved alot.....all this happened at a super bowl party at his house along with his step brother and my cousin and his family my family nd his familys freinds.....i sware this is all true....Ok here it is

February 5th 2012,
We had just broken up a couple weeks before, I got there....He saw me.....I saw him.....He had just gotten a new haircut.....justin bieber style it made him look cuter :).......we played with silly string.....we flirted......we kept looking at eachother.....then me my cousin (Alexis) and my ex bf were looking at the stars (it was dark and we were on those chairs that are at hurricane harbor or something so we were laying down)....we kept looking at eachother you know how edward nd bella did in the meadow in the 1st one? well it wuz like that about 20 mins later, me alexis nd his brother were sitting facing eachother......Alexis "Im thirsty im gona go get some soda" then me nd my ex looked at eachother nd smiled nd then looked down.....Brother "Im gonna go get some........cookies...." he left on purpose so tht we cud be alone......Well earlier tht day his bro asked if i still liked him i sed ya....keep tht in mind...... Then he says my brother said tht u still liked me i nodded.....his brother comes back and says why don't you guys just kiss already?! My ex says i want to i just dont think she wants to......i look up at both of them with a face like what the hell are you talking about i want to kiss him! His brother says see she wants to! My cousin comes back and his brother says would you tell if they made out? My cousin looked sooooo confused! But we had to make a plan because the house had windows alll over it so they could see if we kissed....So our plan was that me and my cousin would walk to the bathroom together (because the bathroom was like huge nd there was showers right before you saw the door) and then my ex and his brother would walk to the bathroom together and he would meet me in the showers (well thought out plan because isnt it wierd because after we met in the showers his brother nd my cousin would walk out together nd his whole family knew about me nd my ex so thts a little suspicous) So he met me in the showers and we stood there wondering who would make the first move....then i smile and i could feel my face turning red an he smiled back.....we both leaned in towards eachother and we kissed! we made out just not with tongue......he asked me out again after we kissed like twice....we played hide and seek just so me nd him could hide together so that we could kiss in the showers.....

He broke up with me a little over a month after that because we dont see eachother alot....but when he broke up with ,e he said tht he still liked me :).....the truth is that im still in love with him :) :( but he would never go out with me again :*( im 12 turning 13 in a few months :) im hoping to see him when i invite him to my "party" we r going to magic mountain the day before my birthday :) i hope he got to see this
kisseshehe kisseshehe
13-15, F
Apr 18, 2012