It Was So Icky!

My first kiss was so disgusting, it's a miracle I ever let anyone kiss me again. Ever. Ha. There was this boy at church; not even our church, but one close to the house. I very much remember his name, but on the off chance that he's an EPer, I'll spare his reputation. I'm hoping he's gotten much better at it by now, after all.

I was fourteen, and had visited this church a few times with my friend, all because of said boy. You know how it is at that age. And on that particular night, the "youth group" had gone on a hayride somewhere or other, which, of course, required packing us all into this church van that seated twelve but had, easily, twenty of us packed in like, well, sardines, of course.

Which is exactly what his mouth tasted like when he stuck that pointy little bird tongue in mine; unannounced, unanticipated, and unreciprocated. It was already beyond stuffy hot in the very back row of that church van; the smell and taste of his breath hung in the air like The Trinity River. I guess he felt he had to seize the moment, since we were now back in the church parking lot, and the minute someone opened the door, the lights would come on; and so he had to make his move, and fast.

All I knew is that if I didn't get some fresh air, someone would be cleaning hot dogs and S'mores and kettle corn from the floorboard, because it literally made me ill; I was fighting back dry heaves and climbing over small children in my quest for oxygen. I couldn't get off that van fast enough.

Funny... suddenly he wasn't so cute any more. And I think I broke his little fourteen year old heart, because I never went to that church again.
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Haha..... there's nothing to "recover" from... it's one of those childhood memories that makes you laugh in hindsight. And I spent four days a week in church; before and after that. Guilt isn't something I'd wish on anyone. It wasn't that big of a deal. Just gross.

Sorry this had to happen to you. For this boy to take advantage of you and of the situation is terrible. The church trip was something you would want to remember as a fun and exciting time, and he ruined this for you. He may even have created a complete lack of trust within you for church activities. This boy did not know what consequences he brought about. I hope he is consumed by guilt. I am glad you have written about this because it will help you recover. Good for you for putting this story here on EP!