Unforgettable Magic Moment

How can I forget my first kiss?  I guess nobody does forget their first experience.  I was a rhythmic gymnast and had no time for boys and for social life.  When i was 23, I was in the National team and I met this Colombian guy  who was in Taekwondo. He invited me put one Saturday and it was my first date ever. I was so nervous and my auntie helped me to pick my outfit.  He picked me up and went to a pub. I have never went into a disco or a pub before and that night was my first experience and I was so nervous. We sat and chatted for a while until he asked me if I had a boyfriend. I told him that I never had one before. He looked at me and softly asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. I was so surprised and I was blushing and I didn´t know what to say. After a few minutes I told him that yes. He softly came close to me and I just looked at him. To be honest I did not know how to react as he came even closer. I can still remember the music and the people around us. Suddenly the only thing I saw was his lips almost touching mine. My heart pumped very hard and  I stayed breathless. I could not beleive what was going on.  I can even still feel the tickles in my stomach and my heart beats everytime I remember this magic moment, even though 10 years have past already. 
hdifairy hdifairy
Apr 24, 2012