Broken Hearted For The First Time

This guy is the guy who stole my first kiss. We were best friend with some flirts going on between us. He often to hold my hand during the lessons, he texted after school, and sometimes he asked me out for a date. Everybody thought that we're a couple, but we're not. Until one day, we kissed, but it only for fun. After the kiss, i started to think about him a lot, but we still just a friend. When i thought that he might be having a feeling on me, he confessed that he likes another girl. At that moment i haven't felt anything yet, but there is a regret because he got my first kiss.
Two weeks after my first kiss, he drove me home. In the middle of the drive, he stopped the car, and he kissed me again. This time he kissed me passionately, it was a very long kiss. After that, he continued to drive me home while holding me hand. Since it was friday, i have to wait until monday to see him again at school. I couldn't stop thinking about him and the kiss on my weekend.
I felt like my heart has torn apart on Monday. He acted differently. He didn't talk to me, he didn't want to see me and he didn't even be my friend anymore since that day.
One day the girl he likes having a birthday party. She sang a thousand years by christina perry, i admitted that he sang beautifully, and i also saw him looking at her like a fool, he extremely mesmerized. For a couple weeks he kept singing that song at school. Thats the moment when i noticed that he only fooling around on me, i was his rebound so he can get over that girl. I felt so sad when he moved to san francisco, without even talking to me.
But now, i can get over it after a long night of tears and some heart break songs. I just realized this kind of thing happens to many people, because Taylor Swift describe my condition perfectly on her song, the story of us. Just a tips, if you dealing with heart break, all you have to do is do what ever it takes to let that emotion comes out. youll feel so much better after that.

Gabypananda Gabypananda
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1 Response May 5, 2012

Hmm ...that guy was an idiot... atleast your on your way to getting over it... I am so sorry to hear that he was using you to get over her... that was such a jerkish move there....