My First Kiss Went A Little Like This....

it was a thursday and i was in 6th grade, I had a boyfriend named angel, since everyone wanted us to date we did, it was stupid but anyway... i went to my after school program and i was hanging out with him and some other friends. we were playing truth or dare and it was my friends turn and she said "(My name) truth or dare!" of course i said dare. "I dare you to kiss angel in the lips! iin the corner or are you to afraid!" I said that i'm not afraid and that i would do it! and so i did after that are relationship was kind of publc and everyone knew. so i was kind of embarressed and i didn't want any other person to find out. so after dating for 1 month I broke up with him and i felt so much better.
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Omg! i'm so sorry rickibrat2.

will never forget my first kiss with the girl i love or with my second love i was 21 she was 18 and we were doing laudry in the same place i had seen her before there and this night she ask me if i would buy her an icream cone and i told her sure we walked to mc D and had an ice cream and we held hands as we walked back to the washing place and we just looke each other in the eyes as i lifed her and set her on top of the washer as we held each other and kissed for a long time till her body just explode it seems<br />
<br />
3 weeks later she filed the papers to get rid of her ex and move in with me her parenst and my grand parents came up to meet each other and we were going to be married when we returned to the states her husband was kicked out of the coast guard for rape a 12 year old and he kidnaped the one i loved and killed her but he was not worth kkilling after that he was a veggies for a few years till his death his parents had to live with the fact the forced the marrage then gave hom the money he ask for to charter a plane back to texas

Lol Wow.(: