All I Want Is A Romance Like The Movies

You'd think I should have been going weak at the knees once you hear this setting:
Warm summer night, so clear, a million stars, the sound of a gurgling fountain in the background, his arm around my waist. . . I already knew I was about to get my first kiss. He was pointing out constellations, and I was pretending to not be totally freaked out that I was about to get my first kiss. The thing I'd been dreaming about since I watched Disney Princess movies as a little girl.
Then he leaned in to kiss me.
I felt nothing.
It was perfect or at least should have been, but I felt nothing. I'll never forget it, but I wish I could. I wish my first kiss was with someone else. Like in the movies when you kiss someone and you just know they're for you. But romance isn't really like the movies, is it?
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1 Response May 10, 2012

Yeah, if only it was. My first kiss would have gone much better as well; in fact I think that will be my next story I write on here. But we get our hopes and expectations up so much watching Disney and well just anything these days that real life just doesn't cut it sometimes. Part of that makes you strive for more from your life, but part of it also makes you wonder if it's just media dramatization and it doesn't exist in reality. I still hope it exists somewhere.

Me too