I Remember It To Be Amazing!!! But Did It Turn Out To Be Good Or Bad?

I was 14 (im 15 now) when i had my first kiss to this guy(2 years younger), which i cant lie, i liked alot! Im still really confused about it but.. Let me know what you think in the comments... Sorry if its a bit long.... But anyways, heres my story:

I was over my best friends house who just happens to be my neighbour (his a guy, Luke), and we decided to go on his facebook and do video likes. The one that turned out being my first kiss, Justin, liked it. So we ended up doing his video like... Luke had spoken to him a few times but is really close friends with his best friend... Michael! (sorry for the too many names, but its useful for future reference haha). ANYWAY! We had finished his video like and he sends luke an email saying "your friends hot". I was pretty excited, i get called hot by alot of guys but every time a guy says that, i immidiatley come interested in them! Anyways... So luke send him a message as a joke, "add her on facebook". So what do you know... He adds me!!

I went home and i decided to talk to justin! We hit it off and he was really flirty, and so was i. Every time we said something to eachother, we added an 'x' everytime on the end... The x's ended up turning into love hearts.. It was so cute! The only thing that was wrong is that he was 2 years younger than me! I mean, i dont have anything against people going out with younger people... But i never expected to ever go out with someone younger! Anyway, we decided to stop talking cos it was getting really late now and we said we would talk to eachother the next day.

The next day came and i didnt really think or talk to justin... At this point, i didnt like him... He was just another guy who would flirt with me. But then... I went to lukes house again! We started talking to him on facebook... Then he said, "do yous wanna go on skype"!!! I was freaking out, i guess you can say im sort of shy, but once i know someone... Im really out there! We agreed to go on skype and he had his shirt off!!! He was sooo hot! So right now.... Luke was on skype with justin on his laptop, and i had my ipad on facebook while skyping with justin on lukes laptop!! Hhha, if that makes sense!? Anyway, on facebook, justin was saying to me "your like soooo hot" and of coarse with x's at the end. I decided to put x's back and then he said "if i see you, do i get all those kisses?" and i said "maybe ;)" both knowing that maybe means yes!!!

Haha anyways, everytime luke came back from school, i would ask him about justin and michael(they both go to the same school) and he would always tell me stories about how they spoke to him... I was reallyyy happy cos not only did i bring luke and justin closer, but i started to REALLY like this guy and he liked me! We spoke for 2 weeks every single day and then... The weekend came... When everything changed for me!....

Rememeber justins friend michael? Well turns out... He lives a couple streets down from me!! Small world aye!! Hha anyways! It was a saturday, and i remember the next day i was gonna go see a movie with my friend.... Then i get this message from justin saying he was going to michaels on sunday!!! I started freaking out! We always said to eachother we should meet, but i thought it wasnt gonna happen any time soon! I was soooo excited but freaking out at the same time!! Then i rememebered... I was going to a movie! He thought i was trying to avoid him but i realllyyyyyy wanted to meet him! Turns out... The movie didnt start till 3:30 so we planned to meet up after lunch :)

Sunday came and i was getting ready and me and luke were walking down to the park, we were both freaking out!! On facebook we kept saying we were gonna hook up but i thought it was too soon! We went to the park and there they were.... justin and michael!!! They looked sooo hot! We said hello blah blah blah went to the deli, michael just to take the **** kept saying justins looking for a hook up, not knowing what to say, i just laughed it off! We ended up going back to the park and just started talking. Justin was on the swing, michael was on the outside of the swing place, and me and luke were standing opposite from justin outside the swing zone. Justin kept saying "do i get a hug?" and i said, "if you want one, you have to come here ;)" but he didnt and we just kept going back and forward saying "you come here... No you come here..., no you come here.." and then michael came in and said "omg ill just hug her!" so me and michael hugged (he also thought i was hot and he was EXTREMELY flirty). Justin got very jealous but in a cute way, and luke saw that so he was like... "why dont you guys meet half way?" so i was like, fine :) i knew this was it... I guess thats why i didnt want to go to him for thr hug cos i knew we would end up kissing! We walked up to eachother (it was soooooooooo cute, words can not describe!) and we hugged eavhother, we leant back still my arms around him, and he said "do i get a kiss?" and so i kissed him gently on the lips. And then we started hugging again. While hugging, he whispered into my ear if we are gonna do it(meaning hook up/make out) we gotta do it away from michael" i agreed, and we started to walk to the tree, while him touching my a.s.s. we got together, my arms around his neck, and we started to makeout. I was sooo excited but nervous at the same time, i kept thinking what if i wasnt good!? What if i choke him to death with my tongue! Haha but it was all good :) i had to leave straight after cos my movie started in 30 mins! So i had to rush, he kept saying he wanted me to stay there, and i wanted to too! But i had to go.

I got home from the movie and he messaged me saying "hey beautiful girl" and we spoke for hours and went on skype blah blah blah. It was all good until i found out about the "other" girl... Luke had told me that justin and this girl sort of had a serious "thing" but were never officially bf and gf... Stuff went down with them and i asked justin if anything was going on with them(i felt really bad for the girl if they were going out), but he told me that she wants nothing to do with him anymore and they are finished. I believed him... Nothing really bad happened, im still not sure if its true or not... But the next day at their school, everyone found out we hooked up and even the girl and everyone hated me and started calling me names... People i didnt even know!! It was a really bad time for me but im alright now :) i guess this is sort of the starter to the seperation of me and justin... Each day after this, we sort of spoke less and less, and then i went to bali for 1 week and never spoke to him.... It was my birthday during bali and he wished me a happy birthday on my wall with a heart. Before i went to bali, we sort of ended it awkwardly not knowing where we stood anymore... But the weird thing was, michael commented/ spammed(haha) love hearts as the comments.... I got back from bali and saw this and i was so confused! Did he still like me? I kept thinking to myself he didnt cos i saw he commented on some girls photo that he was keen for her(cos she was hot)... I didnt know if it was a joke or not. I was soo confused and didnt know what to think! The last time we spoke was 3 days after i came back from bali and he asked me how it was... But that was it. We didnt speak at all after that! All i could think was that he was my first kiss... And he was a player!

Its been about 2 months since i spoke to him, and i found out that he still has feelings for the "other" girl i mentioned before... But for some reason, i felt like he didnt at the same time? The other girls best friend said on facebook that "he says he would do anything for her, but in the mean time chatting up other girls". So i was confused? 1 week after this, he kept liking facebook pages about love and stuff eg. I might be ignoring you, but inside, im dieing to talk to you....im not sure if its about me or the other girl, because we are basically in the same situation!

At this very moment... I still like him but trying to forget him! I keep thinking that i not only lost my first kiss to a year 8, but to a player aswell. I regret it so much, but when i think about it.... I was really happy with him.... Until rumours started about me..

Well thats my story! Im soo sorry its EXTREMELY long, but i felt like sharing my experience and getting peoples opinions about this! What do you think? Does he still like me or what? Thankyou for reading, hope you werent too bored! :)
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Wow OMG that's extremely weird! Almost the same sort of thing happened to me!! I swear we are like twins or something!! Me and this guy who I'd been texting a ton (William) decided to like meet at the park and did on a Monday! We had been like texting with little hearts and ;) and stuff too! Anywayy we went to the park which honestly I didn't think we would actually ever do and we like took a walk and he hugged me when nobody else was in sight and we just started like making out! Then I told a few friends and rumors started and apparently he has some other girl he's been going out with or something and he started randomly ignoring me after saying all this sweet stuff to me.. Point is I regretted my first kiss at first, then I was happy with him, now I wonder whether it was all a lie.. idk lol but our stories are veryyy weirdly similar!! It's crazy!!!!

I actually think we are related.... Hahahha. Atleast i know there are others out there who are going through the same thing :)))