It Was Beautiful.

He had walked me home from school every day sinse we started going out. I had been out on a trip with school and he came all the way back just to walk me home <3 It was sunset. You know that beautiful golden sunset that makes you melt in warmth and happiness. We stood on the pavement out side my house and I looked in to his eyes. He has deep blue eyes as big and deep and blue as the sea <3 We hugged a passionate and tight hug and we both tried to let go. Neither of us wanted to. We leant forward and all I remember was the contrast of his gorgeous blue eyes to the golden orange of everything else in the sunset. His perfect lips brushed against mine and before I knew it. I was letting go and walking inside my house. Or rather, floating, as it felt. All he said was "I did it! Well, you did it." I was too happy to reply so I just giggled a bit <3<3<3 It felt so perfect and beautiful <3<3<3
spaghettinom spaghettinom
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1 Response May 13, 2012

wow that is sooo romantic <3 i wish i had a boyfriend like him:'(

awwh i feel lucky but i really believe there is someone out there for everyone&lt;3&lt;3&lt;3&lt;3 :)