I Remember My First Kiss

she was the most bueariful girlin the world then things go complcated shan we broke up i didn't do mich after that i want to meet someone les who i can trust and love just like her send me a message i you are li her
candy215 candy215
18-21, F
1 Response May 13, 2012

Aww sweetheart, it will be hard to find the real deal on-line, although i know it does happen sometimes. Be patient. You'll meet that person eventually. It's really hard being gay and finding gay friends/lovers when you're younger. Are there any bi/gay groups or clubs in your area?? It'll happen when it's meant to anyway. ;-) PS stay safe and don't trust too easily either. Good luck.

that was sweet it is this girl i am talking to now i am tryin to put my trust in

Well I wish you the best of luck honey, I really do. Trust does have to be earned, so I hope it goes well. Love is awesome isn't it?? :-)