With Tdh (tall Dark And Handsom )

My first kiss was magical i remember it like it was just yesterday....i was 16 and had this major crush on a boy in my neighborhood, he had this bad boy reputation which was such a turn on he was tall with beautiful dark skin and very handsome earning him the name TDH. We went to the same school for about three years before he got expelled for drinking and fighting with a teacher. I watched him kiss almost every girl but never me which made me soo jealous! lol We were just friends (according to him) and he said our friendship was special,he didn't want to spoil it. We hanged out alto during holidays because he was always at my house. I felt like melting every time we made any physical contact i liked him that much! It was the last day at home before i went back to my boarding school..a busy day for me so i wasn't home the whole day, at around 7:30pm i reached my house and TDH was there leaning against the gate he said he had been there all day waiting for me. I was glad to see him but was totally unprepared for what happened next...he held me by my shoulders and pushed me against the gate in a way that was a bit aggressive and then he kissed me.I was shocked and felt all these emotions running through my body i had to hold the gate with both hands because my knees suddenly felt week and my heart was beating fast..it felt GOOD! i kissed him back and we had our tongues moving in each others mouths for sometime then the gate opened and we quickly moved away from each other. It was just my cousin leaving the house as soon as he was out of site TDH pushed me back against the gate and said "am not done yet!" and we kissed again for a while. We finally broke the kiss and just stared at each other for a while, me smiling and him with a serious look on his face then he said good night and left. I stayed glued in that spot for a while thinking of what had just happened...sadly after that night he ignored me for about three months and later we stayed friends but not as close as we were before the kiss. We never talked about it again but for me the memory stuck
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18-21, F
May 17, 2012