Awkward Despite The Fact That He Was My Boyfriend

I think I was 12/13 years old when I had my first real kiss, me and my bf were at the park with our friend Joe, I think we'd both wanted to kiss but weren't really sure if that's what the other one wanted. I remember he gave Joe this look as if to say time for you to go now. I knew what was coming and we just stood in the park for about 5 minuets giggling awkwardly with the ocasstional soo... When we did finally kiss it was not what I'd expected I think I built up an expectation and he really wasn't that good. Too much tounge for my very first kiss. It ended up getting quite steamy and I'm glad to say science then his kissing technique had improved since then xoxo
Jmfm1995 Jmfm1995
22-25, F
May 19, 2012