Oh man, I sure do remember.

It was in 8th grade, with steven. We started "dating" I think in september. I can't remember when we met though. went to school with him. It wasn't really dating though. We lasted til February. and at the valentine's day dance we broke up. i think i still slightly remember it. i was on the side with sam and shal and then he came over and needed to talk to me and yeah. i remember the dancing and the lights. i never danced with him though, and i wasn't sad when it happened. it felt so normal. like we shouldn't have been together anyways lol. i mean i'm glad we were because of him i started tibia and that's where i found cody. so...

i never loved steven, and he didn't love me either, but we were really good friends, i guess u could say we loved each other as friends. its funny how platonic the relationship was. we didn't kiss and go out and all that other stuff most couples do. so i guess that's why it felt so normal breaking up. it wasn't really a break up at all. it was us admitting the truth. i think i was his first too. not sex or anything! Gosh, no. we didn't even get to like second base. that's how innocent we were.

Now about the kiss, it was at the old middle school building in this obscure corner area behind the gym where the eq is all kept. and i remember taking him there and hahaha omg i remember i had braces back then. and i remember initiating the kiss, and we tried tongue (yuck) it was so wrong lmao.

We're still friends now. Its really nice.. he's definitely someone special in my life. And he was always so courteous and respectful. Definitely a memory and a experience i'll cherish (meeting him, not the kiss! yuck! hahaha)

CrazyHappySad CrazyHappySad
31-35, F
May 19, 2012