For The First Time.

Now a first kiss that really was important and magical, sparks fireworks and all, was the one with my boyfriend now. Saturday i think Nov. 14, 2009, i flew down to see him while his parents were out of town and he had the house all to himself. it was our first meeting together and it was so impulsive lol. (i wouldn't be where i am with who i am if i wasn't bipolar the way i am. so everything does have its place and reason. but thats another story.).  

I remember the whole nerve wrecking flight, wondering what the heck i was doing meeting someone i had never met, that i met ONLINE. he could have been anyone or done anything. Then the taxi ride, with that really nice guy. It was like midnight when i flew in. so super late. And the dude was respectful and i remember getting his card so i could call him the next morning cuz my return flight was then. he was really nice.

I remember the drive there, my heart pounding so hard, and feeling breathless, so excited, so nervous, so much adrenalin running through my veins. i had no idea what i was doing. oh to be young and stupid again haha. i remember all the twists and turns and gosh he lived so far from the airport. and then finally getting there.... and i remember getting out and grabbing my pink backpack, slowly walking up. I don't' know if i texted him or not, but i think we were texting while i was getting there at the airport, the plane, the taxi. I walked up and pressed the doorbell. the house was so big, and the neighborhood looked so impressive and expensive. i waited for a while, because he hadn't come to the door yet. I did try to peep in through the glass tainted door but didn't see much other than the lights. Oh, and the dogs barking haha. two little yorkies and a beautiful. He came and put them away, then came back and opened the door. 

This is where it all began....Our first encounter with each other. Slight pause. Smile. You could feel the happiness right from there.

[Oh man, i wish i could remember the rest. I wish i could remember where i wrote it all down in and just save it. I can't remember which diary i was writing in at that time. It might be the purple happiness one, oh God i hope i still have it. ]

He was in a white t shirt, i think, and his black/white shorts. but I can't remember. He had his long shaggy emo hair cut, but he was clean shaved? or did he have a goatee.. I think there could have been a little fuzz, but mostly clean shaved. I can't remember how he smelled.

He allowed me inside his home, closed and locked the door behind us. Led me to the kitchen. I put my bag down next to the basement door. And we stood in the kitchen for a while leaning against the counters. I can't remember what we were talking about. But i do remember that it was never awkward. Everything was perfect, exactly the way it was meant to be and meant to feel. Even the silences weren't awkward, 

I remember him standing across me, us both leaning on the counters. When he reached for a hug. And that was the first time he just held me. A complete stranger (well, not completely, i mean we used to talk on the phone for hours and hours on end). But you know...just this amazing cuddly warm hug. He just reached out and wrapped his arms around me; i remember just welcoming him and the whole experience. it was amazing.

I can just barely remember the giant smile on our faces. 

I wish i could remember the details following all this. The vague memory consists of having some leftover pizza, with ranch sauce (my first time haha) I remember expressing shock and he was like you have to try it, its so good! And i did, and til today I still do. we went to the basement, at that time the entire basement was his room. it was huge lol. there was a ginormous tv as well with the most comfy couch in the world. The couch is important! But before we get there, i need to retrace my steps and mention that he also introduced me to the dogs. and I remember having like  a mini tour of the house and the pictures of his family. We let the dogs out after that, or maybe just the lab. I can't remember the name. but the lab for sure, because it was in the basement with us. Such a sweet dog. just layed on a part of the sofa and relaxed. He was so cute and sweet. OMG another snapshot. when he first let the dogs out they were super excited because i was a stranger. and i remember being slightly scared and hiding behind him the whole time while the big lab tried to sniff me lol. and i think i even went around in circle around him trying to "save myself" lmao. ahhh...

So we made it downstairs. Sat on the couch. turned on the tv and flipped through channels trying to find something to watch. I have no idea what we finally settled on. But at some point during my trip we did watch Fairly odd parents and spongebob lmao. and it was AWESOME haha. and... I do remember the first kiss. Right there on that brownish sofa. wow my heart beat just increased just thinking about it lol. we were sitting next to each other and maybe i had my head on his shoulder. and he looked down (he's like 6' and i'm 5'3 :P) and i remember his long hair covering like almost all of his eyes. and he had his lips pouted and he slowly moved in and I moved towards him and.. then we kissed. 

That is the first kiss I consider as a real first true kiss. It had all the works: the sparks, the magic, the butterflies, the smiles, i probably even giggled like i do when i'm super happy. and of course the fireworks. and the crazy beating heart. I love his lips, they're so lush and perfect and warm and just fit perfectly with mine... 

And that's the story of my first real kiss. :)

Thanks for reading!!

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That was a very nice and plesant story.thanks for sharing