I Loved Him So Much, Still Do....but It Was So Embarassing

He chased me around the gym in PE. Sat in the bleachers watching me, smiling, blowing kisses. I blushed and kept jumping rope. The bell rang and we headed to our next class. I walked down the hall ahead of him I could feel him looking at me, walking with his friends. I went to my locker and started to pull my things out when I heard his friend say, "Kiss 'er man! Youve been talking about it forever just DO IT!" I got a serious case of the butterflies!! I was all panicky and I almost dropped my books when he walked up behind me. I turned to face him just in time for him to sneak a quick kiss. He kissed my open EYE! lol we looked so silly! Him fumbling to catch my books, my hands flew to my eye.... his face flushed as he apologized over and over. He was so cute standing there looking so sad hahahaah

I wish I could say either of us had the balls to redo it, maybe regain composure and make our first kiss less embarassing. But I loved it, I still do. Its a sweet memory for me. We were in middle school, I spoke to him a few years ago. He said Im still his "favorite girl". *sighs* :)
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aww thats so cute xD thats a memory you wouldnt want to forget x) lol