Middle Of The Night Magic.

So, It was summer last year and I was spending the weekend at my girlfriends lake house. We had spent the whole day just kinda hanging out, but not doing anything coupley. I told her that it had been two years since we were dating (yes 2) and we still hadn't kissed and we needed to do that. I told her right before bed. Later that night. At like 1, I woke up and woke her up and told her we should go for a walk. So we snuck outside, to not be heard by her parents, and we went down to her dock. We sat on the edge and put our feet in the water and looked up at the stars and talked for a while. Now, we did this for two hours, and the longer I waited to kiss her, the more nervous I got. Eventually it got quiet because we had both stopped talking. I turned to look at her and we just made a brief eye contact, next thIng I know, I'm leaning in and before I can think about it, our lips are touching. It was magical. Then I put my arm around her and we laid down and she slept on my chest the rest of the night.
Gamerguy9312 Gamerguy9312
13-15, M
May 20, 2012