My First Kiss.

There was the girl I loved since I was 9. We would always give eachother looks, talk, hangout. When she went into middle school, our friendship/ relationship went to a halt. When I came into middle school, and was 12, we continued our relationship. When my behavior spiked in school, I had to go to military school. I knew that I would not see her till I got back, So I called her and told her to go to a my most favorite place in the world. A place where I thought about life, and stared into its beauty. A large field near my school. There I was sitting on the grass, and I saw her come, more beautiful then ever. She came to sit next to me, and asked me why I told her to come there. I explained to her I wouldn't be seeing her in a long time. After that, we layed down and stared out the beautiful sunset and stars. At about 7pm, I told her how much I loved her and then our faces closely connected as If she knew what was going to happen. The kiss was very long and passionate as i had my arms around her waste , about 2 minutes. We both slowly disconnected off one another. We layed down and stared at the sky for about 10 more minutes, then I told her I needed to go, then she said she loved me so much and I said the same. When I got back from military school, I began 7th grade in the normal school she was in and she was in 8th grade. When She first layed eyes on me, the only thing that happened after that was a quick smile. We did not get back together after that. That night was the most magical night of my life.
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Wow that's great story.

Such a moment, if one were to duplicate it using the same two people...