Fishing Trip And A Trailer House - A Redneck's First Kiss

Well if my fellow EP'ers didn't know I was a redneck before, they dang sure will now.
When I was 14 I went with a girl's family on a local fishing trip on a sweltering summer afternoon in Texas.
She was wearing a really tight tee shirt and jeans and had long brown hair that smelled sooooo good. We had been boyfriend and girlfriend for a week or two but I hadn't been brave enough to kiss her yet. The fishing trip was a definite dud so we went back to her grandmother's house with her family, where they were staying temporarily. They were still new in town and had just moved a mobile home onto a lot across from her grandmother's house which when fully set up would be her home. She offered to show me the inside of the trailer and I accepted. After seeing her room we were on our way out, and lingered in the living room for a moment. She leaned against a wall as we talked, and I leaned a little closer and a little closer until we were face to face. It was like an oven inside that trailer and it seemed like I could feel every drop of perspiration that emerged on my forehead. My breath left me and my hands shook, but still I managed to press my lips to hers, which were open and welcoming. Afterwards she asked me why it took me so long to kiss her. After that first one the kisses became much more frequent, and longer, and wetter, and sometimes she would just straddle me in her bedroom (clothes on) and we'd kiss for an hour. Another story beckons....

Soooo anyway.....if you got your first kiss in an abondoned trailer after a fishing might be a redneck.
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Where oh where does a girl find an abondoned trailer when she needs one??? :) <br />
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Sounds like an amazing experience...<br />
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