I Was Suposed to Be Babysitting

For some reason my step-dad had to take my mom too work that evening.  So he took 2 of my sisters with him but left me with the little one who was about 1 1/2.
My friend called and said he needed to talk, I said ok, about what?  Then asked if he could come over, that it was pretty serious. 
I told him I wasn't supposed to have guys over (I was 14), when no one was home...eventually I just told him to come over.
We sat there and talked for awhile eventually I stood up and he stood up in front of me, leaned in and wrapped his arms around me, and just went for it.  My knees turned to Jello, I know I was only 14, but....WOW, I still remember it like it was yesturday.

Plum Plum
26-30, F
May 27, 2008