Almost Forced

          it was about a week into my first ever relationship, ever. I was nineteen at the time I am now twenty its only been 3 months since then. but it is a night i remember well and will not easily forget. I arrived at my girlfriend's house in the evening  i wore a dark plad shirt and worn jeans, she wore a jacket with hook like clasp that was in an a shade of olive green and equally wore jeans bottomed off with a pair of brown boots. i always said it suited her well and i complemented her on it for the one thousandth time. I was there to have dinner and Dara planned on cooking it. But always striving to show off my cooking skills quickly took over. She steamed veggies I went to town i pan seared the steak and sauteed mushrooms. When we finished cooking she produced from the fridge a salad which probably included about everything you could ever imagine put into a salad. we sat and relaxed and joked about this or that and the night crawled by in wondrous stupor, time ceased to move it was just night and the house was mostly dark.  We watched a silly anime and basked in each others presence ever more. Later in the night i pulled out my french dictionary and tested it out. I decided I would teach her a word , and cooed to her. I asked her what she would want to know, and she responded with; how do you say kiss? My mind raced almost as fast as my heart did i flipped through my little book.  gave her, her answer and she just smiled peevishly. So it came to be about ten at night, so it turned out that time did move and so it meant i had to leave. we walked out into the dim garage and watched as the door shrieked open. After words i thanked her for the wonderful night. She gazed into my eyes and gave me another one of her sweet smiles and said "Belsair moi mosior" or in English "kiss me sir". And so thus a magic force compelled me forward those lips that hid the smile I had already come to love. And thus it happened it was quick and I pulled away and hoped onto bike, bidding her a goodnight and fled into the night.
calleway calleway
May 21, 2012