I Was So Scared..

Okay.. So it technically wasn't really my first kiss. I'd given this one guy a few pecks before but I realized I didn't like him.. I actually hated him. xD So no, those were awful, they don't count, I'm not sharing them. xD I'll talk about what I actually count as my first kiss. ^_^

Okay. I'm 14, he's 15. It was just a peck but still.. =^__^= Let's call him R for the sake of privacy. Okay.. Anyway.. I'd been talking to him over Facebook and texting for about 6 months and when I finally met him we hit it off pretty fast. I was kinda shocked because I'm usually uncomfortable around guys.. But he's different I guess. :D It took me a while just to let him hold my hand.. Oh.. And we aren't dating.. I won't date him because I don't get to see him much. As a matter of fact.. As of now I haven't seen him in a few weeks.. D: But it's all good. ^__^ We plan on going out when school starts up because we'll both be in highschool now. :D And I'm not stereotypical or anything, but if you had to describe us, we'd be the "cute emo couple". ^__^ Anyway, he's super sweet. He walks me home. He calls me beautiful all the time. He would rather be with me than his guy friends. :D He stays with me passed curfew (11:00 at night) . He's amazing. ^__^ Okay.. Anyway. Before I met him, we made a bet. I bet him that he couldn't go without cussing infront of my sister. Well.. He did. But we didn't know what he would get for the bet. We were both clueless. But a few weeks passed.. And he finally decided. He wanted a kiss.. One problem. I didn't know how to kiss. So the next time I saw him he kept saying stuff like "About that bet... xD" And I just kept telling him I was scared and I didn't know how.. And then he eventually cornered me. On his second day of trying so hard to get me to kiss him .. It finally happened. We were just walking down the railroad tracks .. Holding hands.. When he stopped. "How about now" R said . "I don't know how! " I'd say then start laughing. He had his arm around my waist so I couldn't back away. And this went on for a while. Him telling me to do it and me saying I didn't know and such. But then he said, "Fine. All you have to do is close your eyes. And I'll kiss you." By this time I started to feel bad but was still freaking out.. I said, "That's all I have to do?" And he nodded.. So I said, " Can I count to three?" And he laughed and said yes. xD He's so patient.. And it was so hard for me to make it to 2. xD  I was too scared to say 3 so I just slowly closed my eyes. Then he kissed me. It was just a second long. And when I opened my eyes he said "Now was that so bad?" and smiled. xD I said yes and started laughing.. Then after a while I said "So what's my next challenge?" He said, "You have to kiss me back!" And I am terrified! xD But I really care about him.. So I'll try to work up the courage.. Wish me luck! :D
DestinyEatsYourCookies DestinyEatsYourCookies
May 23, 2012