Just A Kiss On Youre Lips In The Moon Light

In Sep. of 2010 I dated this boy for a week and he broke up with me. He was my first ever boyfriend and I gave him my first kiss a few days before we broke up. It wasn't a great setting or anything, but once I kissed him I felt the butterflies just as I do now remembering it. In Oct. of 2011 had told me his neck was hurting from work so I offered to give him a neck massage. He was at my neighbors house on their computer talking to me on FB. I told him I'd meet him outside so we sat on the tailgate to my moms truck while I massaged his neck. We were just sitting there talking and laughing while I was rubbing his neck. After a bit he said he felt better so I stopped and we sat there still talking. Out of no where I had the urge to kiss him. I really wanted to kiss him so I got shy and kept looking away when I'd look into his eyes. A few times of me doing that he asked me what was wrong. I wasn't going to tell him I wanted to kiss him because I thought that would have been so awkward for me to tell him that so he kept asking and asking until finally I told him. He smiled. He told me that if I really wanted to he wouldn't mind if I did. Okay so this wasn't my first kiss. After we had broken up I had my second boyfriend, but I never got the butterflies in my stomach that I always get with Jacob. When we kissed I felt new. Like I was never with James or never kissed anyone else but him. He was so careful, gentle, and soft. I felt his feelings through that kiss that night. For me it was like my first kiss and a truely amazing one.
crysbluemoon93 crysbluemoon93
18-21, F
May 23, 2012