My First Kiss

I was 11 and it was my very first date with my first real boyfriend.. I really liked him & he was walking me home. I was holding his hand when I suddenly decided to tell him I wanted to kiss. We were going to kiss under a tree but then he said "right here"? And I said idk. He decided to take me to a more private place so we crossed the street and went behind the food and liquor store.. It started to rain and I rested my head on his shoulder we swayed back and forth for a bit. I looked up at him and told him I loved him. He said it back. After that I gave him a kiss. It felt like I was flying. It also felt like we kissed forever (; That was my first kiss and I will always rember it even though we broke up a while ago.
LovePink100 LovePink100
May 23, 2012