I Swear!!! I Will Not Forget It..

A four letter word KISS,seems easy to say.You cant remember when you first said it but you can never forget when was the first time you did it.I vividly remember my first kiss.I was in school 9th standard,we were going out on picnic to a beautiful hilly place.It was a small family thing and we had a couple of families of our neighbours also joining us during the trip.Me,my elder sister and a couple of other children were playing by the river,when we decided to play hide and seek.I went to hide but could'nt find a suitable place so i decided to sneek into a car and to my suprise a boy was already hiding there,i told him to get out of my hide out but he was adamant that it was he who first hide there.Lastly i decided to sneek out but he held my hand and told me to share the space.He was one of my neighbours but i hardly interacted with him.Just saw him a few times from my balcony so it was getting pretty uncomfortable to stay there.I heard my friends yelling they have found out most of the people hiding except us.I thought of getting out but he asked me to stay in and by impulse i agreed.Were started talking about all the random things,hobbies,studies,films,boyfriends,girlfriends etc.Now i seemed to like him,we were inside the car for many hours,he cracked a joke and i went crazy laughing,i laughed so much that tears rolled down my eyes,he touched my cheeks with his hand and in a second's time kissed me.The kiss was more of a peck.I cant say how i felt coz in a fraction of second we kissed,my mind went blank......It seemed i had lost all my thinking capacity.It was a wet experience,a smooth sensation, a delicate ..we kissed for a few minutes and after that we kissed again..i was in seventh heaven..Indeed i could not forget it and will never forget it..By the way he and me were a couple for a few months but broke -up eventually..teenage love!!
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hi add me please

very Beautiful Narration , Reminded my first kiss...... how i stole from a lady ... :)
Take care ...

that was too cute

thanks for sharing

very nice narration.... felt like i am living the experience... reminded my first kiss...... :) Good luck,

a good exprience

Thank u everyone for the appreciation you people have showered upon me.Love ya all.

i felt that too wen i was in highschool haha

wow..i know, the feeling with goosebumps..it's BLISS.

so you seeing some one now ? :P

I <3 your story. Thanks for sharing it with us :)

waooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,really a lovely lovescene

That is so cute! I am almost 16 and have never been kissed but hopefully when it happens it will be a cute story like this :)

same story had with me..... but we were not at hilly area or etc. we were playing at neighbor place and hide at washroom, and she had started all, whereas I was so innocent still in grade 9th :)

That's so sweet! :)

i love your stories and i would love to read your comments on my pics baby..

there is that romantic feeling associated with first kiss that u can't forget....

That is a sweet experience..

wow! what a sweet story.