Catch And Kiss

haha so has anyone played that game "catch and kiss" when they were little ?
Well, it happens to be the time when I first played the game and got my first kiss on the lips. I remember when I was 11 and me and my friends were bored and got asked by the boys in our class if we wanted to play the game. They explained how to play it and I thought it was sooooo gross and icky until I heard that my best friend was playing(which I totally was crushing on and everyone knew besides him tsk tsk......BOYS) and I immediately said yes.
The boys were it and we got the "10 second head start to run" and I ran onto the playground and couldnt see any of the boys following until like 5 minutes later(felt like 20mins) who pops out from behind and rwars at me pretending to be a dinosaur......HIM. Me trying to run(no use anyway) he basically bear hugged me and kissed me straight on the lips and I didnt push him off either ;) , it was at least 4 seconds long which was sooooo amazing(Best 4 seconds in my entire life). After that we both just went so red and that was the day he said he liked me too :)
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catch and kiss? WHAT! I'm 11 and NEVER EVER heard of that game


ha ha catch and kiss classic


Such a sweet memory!

Hahaha...cute experience!