The Kiss That Literally Blew Me Away...

I was going to the movies with my best friend and another friend who I really had a crush on. It was raining cats and dogs when we got to the theater. We saw Rocky- 3? (By now it's Rocky 12 lol.). Got out of the theater rain stopped. The friend I had a crush on was driving a van. He dropped my girlfriend off first then went around the block to drop me off. He pulled the van off to the side of the road and said he wanted to talk to me. He pulls out a dozen roses and said he knows that I liked him or had a crush on him but he was slightly too old for me which was true. So he said we could be friends and keep in touch. I was so surprised because I didn't know that he knew but he did. Then out of clear surprise he plants a huge wet one on me I thought I'd go through the roof. And then I was trying to find the latch to the side door of the van but couldn't find it because I was so shaken up(First kisses will do that to you.) Finally get out of the van I was really in shock I was right infront of my house .I was looking over the flowers not paying attention where I was going I heard something looked over. A car was coming right at me at about 25-30mph I was right in the middle of the street. I had no options and it was coming right for me. I ended up on the hood flowers sprayed everywhere. I managed to grab ahold of the windshield wipers but because of the velocity of the car I rolled across the hood. I tried to grab the antenna my hand slipped then grabbed it again in a sleeper hold and then it was curling around my arm. The lady driving the car stopped suddenly I flew off of the hood. I was more embarrased about what my friend saw out of the rear view mirror than what injuries I may have had. He came out the lady helped me off of the street then they were talking insurence information. I propped myself onto another car Parked and was looking myself over then to the few and growing on lookers through the curtains of their houses. God was I embarrased. My father was home in the back yard watering his tomato plants. My aunts cat came running out of the driveway because my dad was coming and he asked me what happened and 'am I ok. I said ya and before he left to go back to his tomatoes he said "gosh I thought a cat got run over." And the guy I had a crush on heard it. Then comes my grandmother who at the time worked down the street. She comes over to us and asked what had happened. I told her what happened. She asked me "Did you remember to look both ways before you crossed the street?" I smiled and said no. Boy that is one moment in my life I will not forget. Thanks Mark for the great kiss
resa245 resa245
41-45, F
May 26, 2012