My First Real Kiss

When I was 7 I had my first kiss but I don't count it really. When I was 13 I made out with this guy and kissed another but that was just like practice. Lol but now I'm older I under stand it better. So when I turned 15 on January 15th I had a little party with my family nd when they all left I. Told my mom I was goin to hang out with some friends. Nobody could hang out except my Best Guy Friend. We walked on the trail for a little while and sat on a big rock that was under a bridge along the trail. He told me Happy Birthday! And gave me a little hug. A little while after we got to talking about love,relationships,etc. He asked me if I had ever kissed anyone before and I told him not rseally it didn't mean anything I asked him and he said never he was a couple months older than me and I was kinda suprised. He is pretty cute like almost hot lol. Anyways we kept talking and somehow we kissed and kissed again and started making out until other people started walking that way. We got up and kept walking towards some stores so we went in one and hung out for a lil b it. When we left he took me home and we texted everyday scince then :)
Robbins7 Robbins7
18-21, F
May 26, 2012