Mental Hospital

Me, a girl friend of mine and her bf had to go to the local one lastnight to see her dad who was a inmate. Was my first time to one of these places, I was abit nervous.

But anyway I shook hands with some inmates and this one guy got really attatched to me. Like I was so quiet the whole evening I didnt think anyone would even notice me lol. Kept getting compliments the whole evening on how I looked from him and a few others and I was like yeah ok. But he just kept chatting to me, couldnt really understand what he was saying tho he looked abit passed out ha probably from his meds but anyway we ended up leaving and he followed us down the corridor with my girlfriends dad and just out of no were turned around and pecked me on the cheek.

I almost kissed him back :P

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I'll never forget my first snog<br />
<br />
It was at a Christmas party for our church youth group<br />
<br />
I'd admired Joy for some time: her bro' Mark was one of my 2 best pals<br />
<br />
To my delight, she came downstairs as I went up & I aid to her, with my legendary John Lennon grin, "We've got to kiss under the mistletoe"<br />
<br />
A very bright girl & a talented actress, she craned her lovely long neck to survey the ceiling, opened her big baby blue eyes wide in mock surprise & said, "There isn't any"<br />
<br />
"I know", said I, coming in slowly for that wondrous first snog<br />
<br />
Later, she told folk she studied at Oxford<br />
<br />
Didn't say it was Oxford Poly, not the Uni<br />
<br />
Bright girl, eh?<br />
<br />

I have been this kind of hospital,,,,,,,,,,,and I know if I saw a pretty lady like yourself, I would love to kiss her too!! You do not see much beauty in a place like that..believe me !! Giley

Hmm. There's a good joke in this story somewhere but damned if I can think of it! lol.

cute story , you have to feel sad at some situations , he probably will always remember the kiss

hmm yeah I know..