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Kiss Good Bye

I knew her a few weeks. I was 17. Young, stupid and romantic. I didn't had  big social life at that time. Sometimes, party here and there. A few pubs with live music were open in my city usually on weekends. Sort of disco and pop music - 80's. One was to dress in certain way, dance in a way, and behave like them otherwise one didn't had a chance to connect. Usually, I stood against the wall, danced alone or walked around just to kill time.

It was a weekend when I decided to go crazy. I went to the pub to spent some lonely hours. She was there dancing with her friends - all colorful. She looked like punk but I sensed that she came from the high society. Just her mannerisms and the way she moved around. There was something profound about her. She had short hair tied up with all colors of the rainbow on it. She wore long purple stockings and heavy red shoes, short skirt and red leather jacket. Hands were all in gloves with no fingers. I looked at her whenever I could, but I was hiding as I never wanted to be noticed.

Usually it was like that – a few fast dances, everybody going mad, total exhaustion and break, something slow you could grab somebody and dance with them.There came a slow dance. I was standing in a corner - just the most abandoned one ever, all dark and spooky. It was great that nobody even noticed that I existed. She marched towards me. I thought I was dreaming. It was the best time to run but it happened so fast that I was surprised and there was no way out from the freaking corner.

She appeared in  front of me, looked at the biggest loser ever and said,"You were staring at me."
I tried to come up with something brilliant to drop her on her knees, to show how smart I was and everything but I could only utter ,"Meee?"   
"Yes," she said. "All the time. I am leaving now. Would you come along with me?" She took my hand and pulled me outside.

We walked and walked. She was talking about her life,  her feelings, life on other planets, her dreams … I was listening. I was one big ear trying to say something but I could not. It was pretty bad. I felt powerless. I felt like drunk. I could not find anything - even remotely close to her beauty. I could not say anything. I thought I am losing it but...

"You are different,"she said and added,"You don’t talk nonsense. I like that."   

She was in ballet school. Dance was her life. She showed me. She tried dance with me. I guess elephant could be better. She was laughing and laughing about it. She was so happy when I was trying to keep up.

"Don’t worry, " she said. "I will teach you how to dance. I will show you how to feel it."  

We were meeting almost every day. She was choosing places. Abandoned houses, old bridges, hidden parks. After three weeks she took me on the beach. We were siting there for a while.

Then she said,"I am seeing this older man. He won't let me go." She kissed me and  left. I thought to die now is the best way to go now. I went to the sea but water was so cold. I postponed and I never saw her again.  

Bolek Bolek 41-45, M 49 Responses Jun 2, 2012

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You write from the heart, I love reading your stories, its like I get lost in them

Thank you xx

Whenever you ask me I will always say I write for you only for you.

out of my league yet a short moment of attraction, melted in fusion. her overwhelming personality and you the backdrop, like a huge painting on a blank wall, supporting but not in focus, hidden behind that awesome attractive picture, like a nail the kiss got embedded not only on lips but in heart, fluttery kiss that locked all memories in a moment. Beautiful :))

Wow. This is almost like poetry. You paint with the words beautifully. I love your paintings.

its your's...:)

Through your eyes.

ever you felt you love her? once? or it was a 'like' feeling

I felt that I want to be with her and spend time with her. I thought about her all the time. I loved everything about her at that time. I miss her terrible when she was not around. I saw only good and positive about her. Was It love ? We did not have chance for deep bond which comes when you are together for long time with somebody. But if she would ask me if I love her I would said yes.

well at least she fancied you. good description of your feelings

Yes she was very inspirational.

Nice romantic touchy story............

All what I wished for was to touch your heart.


Great. Thank you.

SO Romantic.

Yes. I am very Romantic but realistic as well.

Interesting story...You seem to have had some memorable experiences *smiles*

Yes that is true. I hope you have a great day.

Wow, that's amazing. Is this a true story? It seems so fictional to seem realistic. A girl like her seems like the type who just wanted to seduce a man to fall for her and then walk away feeling powerful. Anyways, sweet story :) Very intriguing!

It is true story. But it was not my first kiss but very close by. Thank you for your kind comment.

Wow nice, that's very interesting!

great story!

You are very kind. Thank you for your comment.

It is difficult to feel something that powerful just to lose it...I love your writing...thanks for sharing

I am glad you felt it.

Be glad that she's still out there somewhere. Some of us aren't so lucky.

Yes. I am very happy about that. She still is amazing.

what a lovely story, but with a sad ending <>

I am sorry your great story had a sad ending


Yes and truth always makes a better story

It makes me sad, i dont know why, maybe because of i can feel it deeply.

you are an incurable romantic ... meaning, it hasn't been beaten out of you. often, the saddest moments hold incredible beauty. what a rush that a girl like that noticed you, right? ;) thanks for writing this out, and i hope she sees it and recognizes herself -- and you!

Kind. Warm. Compassionate. Wise. Charming. That is all you. Thank you for being you.

hmn, not sure that's me, bolek. it sounded like a fun 3 weeks, anyway ... not bad at 17! plus, it wasn't "romantic" enough for you to actually kill yourself, thank goodness. (your comment about the water being too cold to get in to kill yourself made me laugh ... that's not kind, warm, compassionate, etc. lol)

You try but you won't hide. It should be sad and funny at the same time. What you can know about love anyway when you are 17. My name is Peter. I said about killing myself to emphasize how deeply I loved her but still my understanding of love was that little that can't lead to anything serious. I am adult now and ready to do anything...

so you live and learn, peter. that's the fun of life.

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Great story, sad in the end. Sorry.

Thank you. In the end is sad but I tried be funny in the middle.

I see.


Thank you my dear.

A very nice but sad story :(

Well. What you can do.