My First Kiss.

Ok so I was on a scout camp 14 years old, it was for scouts who were about to level up into the next step called venturers. By this time they had long allowed girls into scouts(yey I thought when it happened lol). Scout groups came from all over to this camp, and my group and another group pitched our tents next to eachothers and we soon got on really well.

I dont remember how I did it being such an intrivert but I managed to attract the attention of who I thought was the most beautiful girl there, her name was Danica. Even her name was amazing! I had never heard such a name in my life and I was so fasinated by it and her. She was a little curvey but nothing more, she had beautiful brown eyes and an amazing laugh. Although I dont recal much about what we talked about.

So me and Danica developed a thing.....we would sit on the outside sofa next to the fire together, we were trying to keep it from everyone else, the leaders especially. It had come time for me and Danica to act physicaly on our emotions and attractions so we kind of escaped while no one was around. And by escaped I mean walked away while no one was looking.

So we were wondering about through an open grass section next to a playground and some trees, holding hands and talking, my stomech must have been in my mouth, but I held my own lol. Then it started to rain.....and rain quite heavily to. We enjoyed it for a few seconds but found ourselfs getting completely soaked through so we ran for shelter under a huge tree.

Danica had a walkman of some kind I dont recall if it was tape or cd, (lol this was before ipods and the rest had come along, showing some age). And she played me a song that she liked it was called Lullaby by Shawn Mullins. And it was about then that the whole moment came over us both, under a tree, shivering in the pouring rain and away from home, isolated from everyone we started to kiss......and it was the single biggest event of my short 14 years on earth. Perhaps the most emotional, tender, innocent moment of my whole life.

That time under the tree lasted forever and only seconds. It was my first proper kiss, and it meant something. Because of the rain all the outdoors activetys were cancelled. So the leaders put on movies for us to watch in the main hall. Me and Danica cuddled under our sleeping bags the whole time, feeling to amazing about eachother to bother hiding it. After the movies were over we snuck off into the rain again, and spent the next few hours kissing.

I havent seen Danica since I was about 16 or younger.

PrincePolo PrincePolo
26-30, M
Jun 4, 2012