My Not So Great First Kiss

A first kiss is something that almost everyone will remember. Of course, I remember my first kiss, but that doesn't mean that it was so great. I was 14, and the guy was 18. I liked him a lot, and I thought he liked me too. Unfortunately, he was only trying to get into my panties. I wish I would have realized that before I gave away my first kiss to a loser. My older sister, who was 17 at the time, was dating this guy. [She's been married to him for 6 years now]. Whenever her boyfriend would come visit her, he would bring his friend TB with him. TB was suppose to be for my oldest sister, who was 18 at the time, but she wasn't interested in him. So whenever TB would come with my sister's boyfriend, we would secretly talk, watch t.v., and flirt while they would be outside. I thought I had it going on because I was a freshman in high school and a college boy liked me. One night, TB kept trying to put his arm around me, but I would stop him every time. He got upset and said he was going to the store. When he came back, he smelled like beer. I told him that I was sleepy and was going to bed. He said "well can I kiss you goodnight?" I was thinking no way, but I actually said sure. He put my arms around his neck and put his hands on my butt then pulled me close to him. I stood there for a few seconds because I did not know how to kiss. He said "just follow my lead." I closed my eyes and the next thing I know.....he had his tongue in my mouth. I admit I enjoyed it at first, but then he got carried away and picked me up and laid me on the couch. He started trying to take off my shorts. I jumped up and ran to my room. He was trying to take advantage of me and I almost let him. Although I regret giving my first kiss away to that jerk, I'm glad it was just a kiss and not virginity. By the way, I never told my sister or my brother-in-law about what happened. 
DeeDee912 DeeDee912
22-25, F
Jun 4, 2012