It Wasn't Long Enough...Me And You

You Met Up With Me After Last Period,And Walked Me To My Bus.You Hugged Me And I Dont Really Know Why But I Didn't Want You To Let Go.I Wasn't Expecting To Kiss But The Moment Felt Perfect.Looking Up Into Your Eyes Smiling I Asked"So Are You Going To Kiss Me"You Smiled Back,"Mhhm You Want Me Too"Before I Could Answer You Pulled Me Tighter In Your Arms,Leaned Down And Kissed Me.I Could've Sworn It Was Fourth Of July Than Valentines Day.I Never Really Believed In The Whole Fireworks Cliche After A Kiss But Kissing You Felt So Good,So Right.Not Only Did A Flame Spark Deep Within My Chest,It Ignited To The Most Beautiful Firework.I Slowly Pulled Back Catching My Breath.I Didn't Want This Kiss To End.I Looked Up At You,Looking At Me Smiling.You Pulled Me In Again To Hug Me.You Smelled So Good,I Couldnt Help But Bury My Face In Your Chest.I Saw Franny And K.j In The Corner Of My Eye.We Said Bye And I Ran To Franny,Already Knowing The Question In Her Head.I Laughed And Pulled Her On The Bus."So Who Was That Guy Sucking Your Face"K.j Asked Beating Franny To The Punch.I Just Laughed.

He Dedicated This Song"Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not"-Thompson Square To Me After Our First Kiss.
The Best Valentines Day Ever.(:
BlackroseVsWhiterose BlackroseVsWhiterose
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1 Response Jun 5, 2012

Awwwh!!! It was wayyy better than mine :P ur soo lucky!! How long dd you guys last??

a year and a half(: