My First Kiss Makes Me Cry.

FIRST OF ALL its not what it sounds like. I am still dating this guy and I love him; hes so sweet and nice! Every time I rremember my eyes water coz im smiling so big.
I had met him for the first time that day; like met in person. Our friends introduced us over text, and we kinda saved each other. But that isn't the story.
It was around sunset; we'd spent all day together and I hadn't kissed him because I was too nervous. He'd asked if i was ready a couple times and i'd said not yet.
We were walking from their camper to the park, and were holding hands and he asked if i was ready. I said I didn't know; id never kissed before, and he just... tipped my chin up and kissed me. Nothing special; it only lasted a second but.... it was AMAZING. He just barely touched my lips and every time i remember it i smile. I remember everything about it. It was amazing. Idk if you understand, but I hope something like that happens to you!
ShiningSoulForever ShiningSoulForever
18-21, F
Jun 8, 2012