Pool Date!

this guy i kinda have a crush on started to text me about 2 weeks ago. we used to talk some back in Otober and then he started dating another girl and we stopped. this is the first time i have talked to him since then. we wanted to hang out so he had the idea to go swimming and hot tubbing. he has both of them at his house so i went over there. the date started off by him picking me up at my house. i was so nervous at first but once we started talking we couldn't stop. we talked about absolutly everything and it was really nice. once we got to his house we went in the hot tub. we started talking about our height difference. he is about 6'3 and i'm around 5 foot. he told me to stand up so we could measure ourselves. by this point we were standing shoulder to shoulder. he made a comment and said "wow you don't even come up to my shoulder!" i was being dumb and kept measuring myself compared to him. finally he grabbed my chin said in a soft sexy voice "come here" and kissed me! the kiss was just a little peck which was partially my fault because i was so nervous and didn't know what i was doing. it was kind of awkward but it was still really nice because we both really liked each other. 
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1 Response Jun 8, 2012

aaaaaaaaw sooooo cute... btw you brave HOT TUBBING at HIS house