On Valentines Day <3

I had initially wanted to save my first kiss for my fiance.

After years of having no guys interested and then a sudden influx of interest, I became picky. So I only recently started dating my first boyfriend.

I realised I didnt think I could wait that long, neither did he. We set a date for our 3 month anniversary. However we fell just shy of that. I was saying goodbye to him beside his car at night. He said he couldn't wait to kiss me, then I said why wait. I couldnt see the point in waiting an extra few weeks, I thought it would make the build up of tension a bit more than I could handle and in doing so go further than I wanted.

I stood there, not really knowing what to expect. This was it, after 19 years.
He moved in fast (It was his first kiss too).
It was wetter than I expected, but it wasn't enough.
I kissed him back. He kissed me.

We kissed for like an hour.
He even picked me up and held me in his arms and kissed me.

When we stopped I realised it was 1am on valentines day.

He has my first and my last kiss because we're now engaged.  
BrandySails BrandySails
3 Responses Jun 8, 2012

aaaaaaahhhhhh Good LORD your life is a movie sooooo cute:)

Ahhhhh omg <3 cutest thing ever!

Awwww thats a cute story :) Makes me want that feeling again