I Dare You :) but too shy <3

Haha this is soo funny.. So where I live it its an estate and when we where younger we all ran about in a huge group together I will never forget this haha.. But anyways we all decided to go to the park..me and my girl friends all had the hots for this fella called liam lol.. He was like the proper charmer back then.. But I knew he liked me cause when we where with eachother in this group we would be really far appart but we would text eachother haha.. so we where in the park and it started to rain so we all ran over to this forest to keep out of the rain..then a lad dillon was like lets play dares.. And I was thinking to myself noo.. Ive never kissed anyone.. Well apart from wee pecks on the lips.. So dillon dared me and laim to kiss eachother but I refused repeatedly.. Haha so once we where finished it was starting to get dark and cold so we decided to go home.. As we where leaving dillon came up to me and said.. Liam was looking to go out with you tonight thats why we decided to play that game.. I pushed him away cause I started blushing.. So I was infront of the group with the girls.. And he was behind with the lads .. Liam text me saying will you be my girlfriend.. I said il think about it.. Then all of a sudden he ran up behind me and held onto my weist and started to walk with me.. Then he took my hand.. So we all departed our own ways home.. And liam said he would walk me home.. so that was okay .. But then he took me down the back path to my house.. I said liam where the hell are we going im soaked s and its raining I want to go home.. He saidtwo minutes I want to show you something. He took both my hands and pulled me close to him I could feel him shaking.. Then he sunk the lips on me.. I went on with it!! I was so scared cause I had never kissed anyone before and liam was older and had girlfriends before lol.. But after that he held me for a while and said will you be my girlfrriend I said yes and he gave me a big hug and we departed.. He came running back and said your a good kisser.. Kissed me on the cheek and went home.. I was blushing the whole way up the path to my house.. And thats it really haha my first kiss when I was 13 :) ..
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Awww that's really sweet :)

so cute

Awww..thats really cute! How long were you guys together for?

it's really a shame for me to say that i even can't remember who with my first kiss

awww. so sweet

cute...13 yr old... ;)

Good read.

hay it was beautiful story

hay it was beautiful story

Awwwwww......that's such a cute story!!!! :)

My pleasure :)


So romantic and cute!! Movie moment! <3

This isn't funny, instead a sweet experience! Hahaha

aw cute story ...

Sounds so sweet, a wonderful first kiss, in the rain, so romantic.

Sounds like right out of a movie script.

But the kiss was just you two. At thirteen, it's not surprising you were nervous and hesitant. But in the end, wasn't the kiss wonderful?

Look to the future and find the guy that will make you feel loved and cherished. Then Liam will be just a memory.

Great story! You're a wonderful writer!

I didn't think so, but the, I wasn't there!