My First Kiss

I was sixteen years young and I was at this girl's house, who was my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend.  (We got togather three days before this event.)  Anyways, I was sitting on the sofa with him and my sister was sitting beside me with her boyfriend, who was my boyfriend's cousin, and we were playing truth or dare.  ^-^  I dared my sister to kiss her boyfriend and SHE DID IT!!!  I was totally shocked...I thought she would chicken out, guess I was wrong.  She then dared me to kiss my boyfriend, but they didn't push the matter because I haven't had my first kiss, yet.  But I was a stubborn and wild at the time and I didn't want to out done by my younger I leaned over and gave him a quick "peck" on the cheeks because they didn't say the lips.  *Safe...not*  They were all like..."no, you have to kiss him on the lips!"  I began to blush bright red...I was so embarrassed that I had thought that they wanted me to kiss him on the "cheeks".  I was humiliated!!!  Later on when they (my boyfriend and his cousin) were about to leave...*the akward moment*...we were standing around waiting for each other to make the first move.  My sister's boyfriend leaned over and gave my sister a !!!"FRENCH KISS"!!! I was totally shocked.  My boyfriend looked at his cousin and my sister kissing, and then he leaned towards me and I naturally closed my eyes (like I seen them do it a thousand times in movies).  I felt a soft pressure on my lips and I was on a bus to was breath-taking, my first kiss "on the lips".  And then I felt the wet tongue and I was sort of scared, but it felt kinda natural to me.  When our tongues touched, I opened my eyes a crack and I saw his ex-girlfriend coming down the hallway (she was in her room all of this time).  I instantly, without thinking, pulled back and started blushing.  


Later on I learned from my sister that my boyfriend thought I pulled away because I didn't like his french kiss and that I was grossed out with him.  I felt so bad that I told him the next time I saw him why I pulled away...because his ex-girlfriend was coming and I didn't want her seeing us kissing.  He was very understanding and nice about it...I was very "relieved".  My first kiss..............was heaven and I will never forget it.....<3

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Haha. That makes me laugh actually. That's one of the cutest stories I've heard... :)

As a film student, I could easily envision this in my head. You tell a great story... One that few people could ever hope to emulate.

Like a film. <br />
I like your words and like you,too. Pure girl with pure heart.

ha ha

Wow, That was deep touching. I thought it is me who is kissing.

Cool. I still haven't gotten my first kiss yet!! I just haven't found the right person :-(